Hello!…. and my most sincere and heartfelt greetings to all of our NADRA members!

Our Florida event was such a success…. Truly a thrill to attend.

The NADRA Home Team did an outstanding job in planning this fantastic gathering!

Our days together were filled with fellowship, meeting new friends, enjoying the company of old friends, lots of laughing, lots of learning, lots of encouragement….. and lots of wonderful family fun.

The Deck Award Competition was incredible & inspirational… it was so impressive to see all the entries…  every deck entry was literally beautiful, unique, and award worthy.  Our judges had an impossible task of selecting clear winners from among so many fantastic entries.

Most of our attending members brought their families and everyone enjoyed a few great days of “fun in the sun” at a fantastic resort venue.   I must say that seeing the members’ families enjoying themselves at our beach Olympics…and also watching them beam with pride at the showcased accomplishments of their favorite Outdoor Lifestyle Professional…. was all just so deeply heartwarming.

There are three things I would like to make sure you all take-away from this experience:

  1. ATTEND NEXT YEAR’s EVENT:Be sure to attend next year’s Deck Awards event…  you don’t want to miss it.  And bring your family…. After all, NADRA IS A FAMILY.  The fellowship, support, encouragement, training, relationships, the deck building awards….. and just the overall abundance of fun and friendship is a combination that is simply impossible to beat.
  2. TAKE NADRA’s DECK EVALUATION PROGRAM: As soon as possible, be sure to sign-up on NADRA.ORG  to attend  NADRA’s Deck Evaluation/Inspection Certification Program  …. And have everyone in your team take the course as well.  It’s only a few hours long… and will make a HUGE, POSITIVE difference in how your firm handles its daily professional life.    You can easily attend via an extremely convenient & interactive ZOOM link.   You will find it fun and very informative.   This program is a GREAT asset for EVERY member to have.
  3. BE ENERGIZED….YOU  ARE PART OF NADRA: Please know that you are an integral part of NADRA… the premier association of the Outdoor Lifestyle Industry…. NADRA is THE TIGHTLY-KNIT group of the industry’s Elite Professionals.  NADRA is THE HOME for all of our industry’s professionals… deck builders, contractors, inspectors, engineers, specifers, architects, lumberyards, retailers, distributors & manufacturers.   NADRA is THE SOLE VOICE for the industry of decking, docks, and railing to consumers, code approval agencies, and to our nation’s legislature.   Be sure to check out NADRA’s website (NADRA.ORG) for industry news, announcements and for NADRA’s upcoming video training dates.  You should also include your firm’s information inside of NADRA… this is a fantastic advertising opportunity that is part of your membership.   I also encourage you to participate in NADRA’s unique “Deck for a Soldier®” program…. And should a Deck for a Soldier® become planned in your area, please consider how to joinus to support our heroes.    And if you know of a worthy candidate… PLEASE inform the NADRA Home Team so we can work on helping that hero.

NADRA… “Doing the right things for the right reasons…. and having fun doing it”.

God Bless you all.


Vincent Carrubba

President – NADRA

The North American Deck and Railing Association