OSSIAN, Indiana — Perma-Column LLC is excited to announce its participation in The Deck Specialist Symposium as a silver-level sponsor and virtual exhibitor July 7 and 8. The Perma-Column virtual booth showcases its patented precast concrete deck posts. Guaranteed to last generations, Perma-Column® deck posts reduce the time, labor, and cost of typical deck installations.

“We’re looking forward to educating deck builders and industry peers about our ICC-ES-certified precast concrete deck posts,” said Mark Stover, Perma-Column president. “As the demand for home-improvement projects like decks continues to boom, builders can benefit from our quick-installing deck posts that eliminate mixing or pouring concrete on site. Cutting concrete out of the process also means deck builders can extend their building season into the colder months.”

The Perma-Column booth includes a library of deck post resources, including videos, brochures, installation guides, and more. Deck builders can learn all about the design of Perma-Column deck posts that combines precast concrete with rebar reinforcements and a welded powder-coated steel bracket for durability and installation speed. Key design features of the deck posts:

  • 3x stronger than standard concrete
  • 10,000 psi precast concrete
  • 60,000 psi rebar

For more about Perma-Column deck posts, visit permacolumn.com/products/deck-posts.

About Perma-Column

Since 2003, Perma-Column has been leading the industry in precast permanent foundation systems. We offer a range of long-lasting building solutions that enhance and integrate with existing construction methods. Build better, build stronger, build to last. Visit Perma-Column online at permacolumn.com

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