Mark A. Stover, Perma-Column LLC
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OSSIAN, Indiana — February 25, 2019 – Perma-Column LLC today announced that its signature line of deck posts has been certified by the International Code Council as complying with international building codes. Certification from ICC, the authority on building code compliance, means builders can more quickly attain approvals and permits while customers gain a greater trust in Perma-Column® deck posts.

Indiana-based Perma-Column developed its patented design to address the industrywide problem of rotting wood posts in foundation systems. Wood is elevated out of the ground via a steel bracket atop a precast concrete foundational pier. The design benefits builders by eliminating the hassles of pouring concrete on the job site, making deck construction quicker and more efficient. Perma-Column® deck posts, which are guaranteed for life, are three times stronger than standard concrete, providing a permanent solution for long-lasting decks.

“This certification confirms our efforts to provide the highest-quality product to the deck builder,” says Mark A. Stover, Perma-Column president. “Obtaining an ICC certificate of compliance is not easy. A manufacturer must be willing and able to invest significant time and resources during the approval process. This is the best way to ensure the quality of our product and shows how dedicated we are to being an industry leader. Builders can work with the confidence that our deck products will meet national and international code requirements.”

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