Hi Everyone,

Following is a recap of November’s NADRA NJ Chapter meeting.  We had a very good meeting and we would like to thank everyone for attending.  We had an excellent turn out considering the hardships so many have endured following Hurricane Sandy.  We had a few new builders in attendance and we gladly welcomed them.   Our speaker, Darren Slaughter spoke about websites.  He gave many ideas and suggestions on how to optimize your website and get the most out of it.   We discussed where to hold the Holiday party and decided on the Verblaauw’s home.  We have a few options for Deck for A Soldier; helping out a Soldier who lost his home in the Hurricane.  We also brought up the idea of building a Deck for Recovery for an organization affected by the Hurricane.  Our sponsors for the meeting were Trex, Tim Schlosser and Doug Lind.   Thank you Tim and it was so nice that Doug flew in from Colorado to talk about Elevations.   Tim told us that Trex Accents will be discontinued, showed us the new railing that was introduced as well as a new fascia product.  Doug explained the Elevations framing.  He explained the Code approvals.  He also explained that using Elevations extend the labor warranty from 2 years to 5 years for Trex Pro contractors.  He showed us the new stair system that they have implemented for the Elevations framing.
Our next meeting is tentatively planned for Tuesday January 15, 2013.
We hope everyone has a nice holiday season!!!!
Thank you,
Judy Verblaauw

NADRA NJ Secretary