Interested in starting a chapter? 

NADRA is hosting a meeting on Friday, November 15th at 10am EST for any NADRA member interested in starting a chapter. Please RSVP HERE. Once we hear from you we will send you the call-in details.

Advantages in Establishing a Local NADRA Chapter

  • Chapters assist in keeping members in closer touch with significant trends and developments in their locality
  • Chapters enable members to add to their professional growth and development by participating in chapter programs such as meetings, committees, and special studies
  • Chapters provide a medium for contact and communication within the Chapter area for all levels of decking industry professionals
  • Chapters facilitate the pooling of resources and experience in an effort to overcome common profes- sional problems shared by Chapter members
  • Chapters bring the purposes and objectives of NADRA closer to the individual and provide a means for continuous program activity in each locality
  • Deck for a Soldier®
  • Deck Safety Month® program
  • Education – NADRA’s certification program – both online and in-person
  • Local Home Shows
  • Local Deck Competition
  • Social Functions

NADRA – Doing things for the right reason… and having fun doing them!

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Hope to hear from you!