On November 2, 2018, MOSO filed a petition with the United States Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”), in which MOSO sought to invalidate Dasso’s U.S. Patent. In a stunning rebuke of MOSO’s claim challenges to Dasso’s ‘578 Patent, a lengthy Final Decision was entered on May 13, 2019, which concluded as follows: “ORDERED that the Petition is denied as to all challenged claims of the ‘578 patent and no trial is instituted.”    

MOSO’s strategic attempt to invalidate Dasso’s U.S. patent failed spectacularly. Rather than prevailing, MOSO’s patent challenge and the PTAB Final Decision only strengthened Dasso’s ‘578 Patent, including the pending claims against MOSO in a Delaware patent infringement case.    

Dasso is satisfied with the PTAB patent judges’ Final Decision to deny MOSO’s attempt to invalidate its ‘578 patent. Here are some key events leading to the PTAB Final Decision:    

• 11/2/2017 – Dasso files Federal lawsuit against MOSO for unlawful infringement of Dasso’s ‘578 patent. 

• 11/2/2018 – MOSO files a petition with PTAB to invalidate Dasso’s ‘578 patent by claiming Dasso’s patented process is unpatentable.   

• 5/13/2019 – PTAB judges deny all claims by MOSO challenging the validity and patentability of Dasso’s ‘578 U.S. patent.      

View the PTAB Final Decision  



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