Sandy impacted the lives of millions across the Northeast. We are taken aback by the overwhelming good will that is being spread across the communication lines, particularly; social media (i.e. LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter). That’s what is so great about mankind… we may have our political differences, but when it comes to getting the job done, we roll up our sleeves and do whatever it takes to make it happen. We see this first-hand in our own way as an outdoor living industry. We wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the communications we have seen and how some NADRA members (builders, lumberyards, distributors, etc.) are responding to the aftermath of this horrific storm. The social sites are lit up with phone numbers to call and services offered, including NADRA members just checking in on each other. Here are a couple examples: 

We are ready for the tree damage from ‘Sandy’. Keep us in mind and please share our Info with your neighbors.

We can be reached quickly by Email or phone. In your Email please provide address, phone #, and type of damage you have and if it is blocking your driveway or a dangerous tree. We have partnering companies to handle the precarious trees that will require a climber or a bucket.”

Another example from NADRA Builder Member, Breyer Construction and Landscape, LLC: “In case of a deck emergency, we will be available for Deck Inspections, Deck Repair, Deck Emergency Service & Deck Reconstruction. We are certified and will work with any insurance agent. Please contact us.

Another member (Lumberyard) had to close down business due to the storm. However, he posted his direct cell number on Facebook and offered to personally open up the store for anyone that needed supplies! 

Great work, guys! We are glad to see so many of you reaching out to help your neighbors. Stay safe out there!

If anyone needs assistance from NADRA, please call Heather at our Southern Division215.317.2018. NADRA Headquarters in Quakertown, Pa., is currently closed due to power outages and property damage. Everyone is safe … just assessing the damage and awaiting power! If you have photos of the storm, or a story you would like to share about Sandy, please send it to Our thoughts are prayers go out to all of those affected by the storm