Designed for 3/4″ VERSATEX WP4/Nickel Gap and Canvas Series Profiles, VZClip Hidden Clip and Fastener System Secures PVC T&G to Wall Studs, Ceiling Joists


ALIQUIPPA, Pa., —VZClip, an innovative hidden clip and fastener system from VERSATEX Building Products, speeds up and simplifies the installation of two widely used VERSATEX PVC ¾” trim profiles. Not only that: Test-site data shows that VZClip keeps VERSATEX Canvas Series™ and reversable WP4/Nickel Gap™ trimboards firmly in place even at wind loads in excess of 125 mph.

According to VERSATEX’s founder and president, John Pace, Our team’s never liked the idea of running fasteners through the face of a trimboard that’s designed for lasting good looks. The traditional alternative—securing T&G with a nail through the tongue or groove—is time-consuming and doesn’t achieve the holding power we’re looking for in a coastal environment.

The VZClip sidesteps both issues. It’s a one-piece, hidden clip and fastener system that’s compatible with either of these VERSATEX profiles. It reduces installation time and assures that the board is properly secured to the framing member. It all adds up to more confidence for the installer. 

In negative windload tests by an independent, accredited, third-party testing agency, VZClips exceeded the equivalent windload of a Category 3 hurricane.

Mr. Pace notes that the new clip and fastening system saves time and simplifies field installation, while preserving the smooth curb appeal of unmarred PVC or film-laminated color surfaces. No more nail holes or screw holes to touch up; no plugs to install. As far as I know, no other manufacturer has come up with a hidden clip and fastening system that’s as effective in this application.

VERSATEX recommends installing VZClips every 16 inches on center, using #8 15/8-inch galvanized or stainless-steel screws. A package of VZClips (screws not included) will cover about 180 square feet, or approximately 21 18-foot boards. Contractors and builders can buy standard, galvanized VZClips now through VERSATEX dealers. A stainless-steel version for coastal applications will be available later this year, Mr. Pace adds. 

VERSATEX was founded in 2004 by industry professionals dedicated to bringing exceptional building products to the marketplace. Our unmatched quality and consistency generate PVC trim options that meet and exceed the needs of builders, architects, fabricators and homeowners. At the same time, our market-back approach focuses new-product development on customer requirements and innovations that make a real difference in efficiency and design.

Tracy Nedzesky
Marketing Manager
VERSATEX Building Products, LLC
P: 724.252.4821