EZ Stairs, Inc. stair building brackets exceed code requirements and can be used for deck rail post support.

Laguna Hills, CA – March 2010 | Deck builders have had an age old problem when it comes to attaching posts to deck platforms, let alone attaching posts to deck stairs. It’s a safety issue. There’s never been an easy or satisfactory solution for building rail post supports that are strong, and meet building code requirements too. Code regulations call for 200 lbs. of lateral load thrust support, but this new building product solution will support 500 lbs.

Recent testing conducted by Testing Engineers Inc. ,San Leandro, CA, a well known national testing lab, has shown that EZ Stairs® adjustable stair brackets well exceeds IBC lateral load specified code requirements with minimal deflection. This is a major advancement in the decking industry with outstanding performance in strength and minimal deflection per code requirements. The IBC lateral load rail support requirements are 200 lbs. per 36” (residential), 42” (commercial) and 500 lbs. (ultimate).

Traditional stair construction usually requires multiple cut 2×12’s be aligned and positioned at proper intervals serving as vertical support for various designated spans- with or without risers. For this traditional application (without risers), EZ Stairs® brackets can be used along with 2×6 cross blocking and positioned where rail post support is needed. Two 3/8” bolts are inserted through the 14 gauge steel EZ Stairs® bracket and the support post and secured.

The EZ Stairs® system only requires 2 outside stringers for exterior spans up to 7’ wide. Whereas traditional stair building requires vertical 2×12’s as structural support. EZ Stairs® utilizes load bearing risers that provide superior horizontal support performing as load bearing joists and needs only 3 saw cuts per stringer.

The EZ Stair® patented adjustable stair building brackets can now be used with ‘any’ method of stair construction- (traditional saw tooth 2×12’s customized and/or pre-cut- with risers or without) to greatly simplify the entire rail support process.

EZ Stairs® brackets are dual purpose for all interior and exterior applications, including concrete formwork, and are available in stainless steel as optimal solution for salt water climates. These easy to install brackets are also phosphate treated and powder coated for ACQ compatibility and harsh weather environments.

This new development has major implications for the decking industry since it makes EZ Stairs® the best tested solution currently available for rail post attachments for any method of stair construction. With the introduction of this new structurally sound/labor saving rail post attachment, EZ Stair® continues to evolve and meet the needs of the stair building marketplace.

View a diagram showing brackets installed on an EZ-Stair® System
View a diagram showing brackets installed on a cut stair stringer

About EZ Stairs, Inc
EZ Stairs® products allow builders to build stairs with a wide range of materials such as redwood, cedar, tropical wood, treated wood, untreated wood, vinyl, steel, and composites. This stair building system allows for customized rise and treads configurations which can be adjusted to meet all building codes for any interior or exterior application.

EZ Stairs® introduced the new patented adjustable dual-purpose exterior/interior brackets in 2003. In 2004, it won Pro Sales Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award for new product innovation in the construction industry. In 2005, it introduced its composite deck compatibility solution and was chosen for LBM Journal’s ‘Hot Products’ Award at the 2005 International Builders Show, and again voted one of the fifty ‘Hot Products’ at the 2008 International Builders Show.

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