Hot Topic Session #1 — Monday morning, October 3, 2011

August 1, 2011 | Number of Decks Built or Replaced in 2010 Drops 37% From 2006

The decking and railing industry is hurting. Homeowners are not currently building or replacing decks at levels seen in the mid 2000s. Principia’s most recent report shows the total number of decks built on residential homes decreased from 4.3 million in 2006 to 2.7 million in 2010, a 37% drop. As a consequence, the total demand for decking and railing materials has fallen similarly.

Such a drop in demand affects all companies in the value chain, including:
   • Builders and contractors
   • Dealers and retailers
   • Wholesale distributors
   • Manufacturers of decking, railing, fastener and accessories
   • Raw material suppliers

The decking and railing industry can sit back and wait for some type of economic recovery to occur or the industry can take an aggressive, proactive role in helping to create more decking demand.


One proven way is through consumer awareness of deck safety and aggressive marketing to home owner associations. According to the North American Decking and Railing Association (NADRA), there are 40 million existing decks and the age of over half of these decks is 20 years or more. Many of these are unsafe and need to be replaced.

Principia’s executive conference on the Decking and Railing business will be gathering the top industry participants, from all points of the value chain, to review the facts and to discuss how the industry can work together to aggressively drive demand for decking, railing, fasteners, etc.

If the decking business is a significant portion of your company’s revenues and profits, then don’t miss this session. Don’t miss this conference.

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A summary of the presentations for this session is below:

   • Driving Decking & Railing Demand through Deck Safety Awareness, Michael Beaudry, Executive Director, NADRA
   • Helping to Improve Deck Safety: Why We All Benefit, Jim Mailey, Training Manager, Simpson Strong-Tie
   • HOAs: A Huge Untapped Market for Decking and Railing, Joe Stafki, Director of Marketing and Sales, Decks by Joe, NADRA Member
   • Threats to the Deck and Rail Industry, Raymond Steward, President, RWS Decks, NADRA Member – Maryland Chapter
   • The Latest on Decking and Railing Codes: Catalyst for Demand or for Substitution?, Mike Fischer, General Manager, Composite Lumber Manufacturing Association