The AXIS™ Structural Wood Screw is the next step in fastener design. Every facet has been evaluated and improved (patents pending). Our extra sharp Fast Start Tip saves you time onsite and the Twin Blades outperform the competitor’s knurls. The Turbine Ribs ensure an incredibly clean finish. Its cup shaped, countersinking head, provides unparalleled holding power and less risk of splitting the wood. The Horizon Curve Head has been architecturally engineered to leave an elegant finish. 

Horizon Curve™

A slight curvature of the head for elegant, professional, architectural results. The Finish Ring underneath the head also provides a better finish by cutting the top fibers in the wood for an extra step in countersinking. 

Turbine Ribs™

(patent pending) Turbine Ribs cut quickly into the wood, leaving a professional, clean finish with maximum wood contact. The cup shaped, countersinking head provides increased holding power and reduced risk of splitting.

Twin Blades™

(patent pending) This set of knurls cuts fast to dramatically reduce friction and heat on the shank, while reducing load on the drill. They also provide better performance by removing debris faster than a standard fastener’s knurl.

Fast Start Tip

With sharp threads all the way to the tip, the fastener has an immediate grip for a fast start. The inset thread cut drastically reduces the splitting effect and minimizes the driving torque needed to engage the wood.

 ZYTECTM+ Coating

Typical heated, dry room environments with clean air (low or no condensation / minimal outdoor exposure) such as homes, shops, offices, schools, hotels, etc. Environmentally friendlier than any Yellow Zinc that contains Chromium 6.


Compatible with most above ground pressure treated lumber. For ground contact treated lumber, areas within one mile of saltwater, near swimming pools, exposure to corrosive chemicals, or other areas where corrosion is more like to occur, use proper grade Stainless Steel.

300 Series* and 316 Stainless Steel

Outdoor coastal areas, surfaces with salt exposure, shipyards, ground contact treated lumber, medium polluted industrial areas, chemical plants, etc. 

* Our 300 Series Stainless Steel Products are Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI 305 or better!

Convenient Packaging!

AXIS™ is available in bulk, 5lb and 1lb packaging. Packaging includes star drive bit…Learn More