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“BR Brick Bracket” now available for purchase in lumberyards and through online website

Deck Ledger Fastener For Masonry Veneer

Applications Now Available!

Indianapolis IN – The BR Brick Bracket LLC Company announced that their patented deck ledger fastener for masonry and stucco veneer finishes is now available for purchase. Brad Rodgers,inventor and company owner of the BR Brick Bracket LLC and also owner of RBR Decks LLC (a local outdoor living
space company since 1985) told us, “The response has been excellent from local code officials in several different jurisdictions of their acceptance of this alternative engineering method for attaching a deck ledger we implemented in my outdoor living space business.” Rodgers started working on the BR Brick Bracket 4 years ago this month when challenged by a vice president of construction for a national builder to come up with a better plan, better than what most have been doing as they tried many different ways to get the deck ledger installed in the masonry and stucco exterior finish scenarios. Many
were using pressure treated wood blocks, doubled up ledgers or installing the deck frame and laying the brick around the floor joists. Also, those doubled up deck ledgers, wood blocks or floor joists will need replaced in years to come.

This could create a situation on re-builds in the future after the pressure treated wood has reached its service life. With that in mind, Rodgers started looking at making aluminum or hot dipped galvanized versions of the bracket that would have a long service life. After seeing composite materials used by many design engineers in structural components, Rodgers said, “It clicked with me… make the bracket from a composite material that will last many decades and make it in the U.S.A.” Rodgers was able to connect with a Washington State University composite guru and began testing on composites. When the results were completed, Rodgers said, “That’s when we knew we had a part that will last! It’s been a long, challenging road but getting to do initial lab testing on the same apparatus used and work with the same people that helped author the deck ledger code we use, was a blast! Especially that long awaited first day of actual lab testing when the first assembled test scenario was complete and the loads reached into the thousands of lbs.!! The bracket tested extremely well and we knew we had engineered and designed a great fastener.” RBR Decks (Rodgers’ other business) being associated and working with large national and regional builders such as CalAtlantic Homes(name is a result of the merge of Standard Pacific Homes and Ryland Homes,)Fischer Homes, Pulte Homes, Drees Homes, Westport Homes and many Indy based custom builders, has helped him get traction across the country for use of his bracket. Rodgers also explained that he is currently working to wholesale brackets with lumber suppliers in Atlanta, Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and possibly others to provide brackets to those local and national builders, and has been signed up as a wholesale vendor with lumber suppliers already.

Rodgers expressed that when he can get a quote from a client such as CalAtlantic Homes for his customer testimonials on his website stating: “Finally… A solution to the issue of deck attachment through brick! This product does it all; it supports the deck, attaches to the structure tightly and is weather tight. A very professional, cost effective way to overcome this challenging code issue. I am very pleased with the bracket and we will use thousands of them on our homes going forward.” it is huge for the potential sales growth of the bracket and the kind of encouragement he needs to continue marketing the bracket. Go to to view customer testimonials, installation video, laboratory testing, photo gallery and more.