Last week- the association received an email notification from our Deck for a Soldier® Chairman, Bruce Verblaauw. It was a note to NADRA members that pledged materials and labor to the next build happening in the US, in Oakland, NJ. This build was put on hold due to the pandemic. Bruce was suggesting we circle back and see about getting the project started for this deserving veteran. As I continued my work for the day, this thread began to grow. Response after response from busy, NADRA members showing their support whenever the team was ready. We want to take a minute here and share with you a response we received from NADRA Board Member, Vincent Carrubba. So go grab yourself a coffee refill and take the time to read this correspondence. You won’t be sorry. – Heather Marchand

Hello All,

Lots of NADRA folks are copied on this email…. all covering many aspects of the NADRA membership’s involvement in the distribution channel of decking related products:

  • Manufacturers…
  • Distribution / Retailer members…
  • Contractor members…
  • NADRA Board members…

I just want to “poke-in” and say how proud I am to be a NADRA board member….

AND- How proud I am to be a part of this NADRA organization’s Deck for a Hero program… comprised of so many USA Patriots willing to rise-up at a time where they are all:

  • Individually so very busy,
  • So very challenged in so many ways (financially, with material supply constraints, and with manpower problems, and with health issues)
  • And also challenged both personally and in business with so many issues…
  • AND yet our NADRA family has such a heavy commitment… NOT ONLY for their own closest loved ones…
  • but ALSO for our veteran heroes.

AND you all rise-up and express your willingness to help one of our Nation’s HERO veterans….!!!

It is just so FREAKING AWESOME !!

I can’t imagine anyone watching this email trail…..and not being moved when seeing the selflessness & willingness that our NADRA team members exhibit in offering their help to our veteran heroes.

  • Hooah!   – US ARMY.
  • Oorah!    – US MARINES.
  • Hooyah!  –  US NAVY & US COAST GUARD.
  • HUA!       – US AIR FORCE.

“Heard-Understood-Acknowledged….”  Roughly…. and according to my understanding based on my own years of personal giving to my own personal, favorite military causes…

There are “no words” for our mutual appreciation of the sacrifice made by our hero veterans.

My personal thanks…. and I am sure I convey the NADRA Organization’s same exact thanks…… to all of our NADRA member supporters….. we are all so appreciative of how you show our collective respect and meaningful financial support for our USA warrior military veteran heroes !!

Special thanks to:

  • Bruce and Judy…, the wind beneath this program’s wings,
  • Pop Beaudry and his awesome NADRA Beaudry home-team…that does an ongoing and incredible amount of work for us all….
  • And to:  Matt Breyer, our sage and fearless leader keeping so many thing on track.

Proud to be a part of this!



Vincent Carrubba