I searched social sites to select photos with unique deck features. These deck features add architectural elements and craftsmanship details that can transform your current deck with a purpose! These features could be DIY projects and can change the whole look of your outdoor living space to provide more storage, more comfort, more privacy, more usability and more character.

From Houzz

A simple trellis, but architecturally adds so much to this cozy outdoor oasis. Looks like a perfect place for fresh air and morning coffee.

Check out the custom privacy wall and arbor feature at the top. A perfect backdrop to add lights or hanging plants for a festive gathering.


Need more storage? Enclosing a space underneath a second-story deck is the perfect place to throw cushions before it rains, pool toys, and of course, to store extra chairs for larger crowd gatherings. However, ensure there is adequate cross-ventilation under the deck for air flow, especially in humid environments.

I like the architectural detail in the divider wall for the outdoor kitchen.


This simple arbor ceiling supports the light and fan, adding comfort during hot days and light to extend your evenings outdoors.

Let the light in with skylights and keep cool breezes flowing with ceiling fans. The skylights in the ceiling allow you to enjoy your deck even when it rains and your plants will keep smiling in the sunlight. Plus the horizontal wood wall provides seclusion for a cozier retreat.


Ah, even small spaces under deck can provide convenient storage! What a great place to store pool or lake towels and toys during the summer. Grab and go! Notice there is ventilation under the deck for proper air flow. Always ensure there is cross-ventilation under a deck.


From Pinterest

For large size decks, use a “breaker” board to break up long deck lengths for a custom, finished install.


Your outdoor space can beome a magical getaway with a simple arbor that supports a hanging swing or chair plus the sparkle of string lights to set the mood.

Why be ordinary when you could easily have this custom walkway? How nice is this! Remember to use ground contact boards when your project is within six inches of the ground. Low voltage lighting would be perfect in the rock to light the pathway.


For a nice contemporary finishing touch to your deck, use horizontal boards underdeck, which can also hide storage items such as ladders. With this design, the boards are spaced to allow for airflow under the deck, a must for underdeck cross-ventilation.

Create the perfect escape with this DIY project. Build a simple floating deck in a corner of the yard or fence– or as a focal point in the center of your backyard fence. For an inviting getaway, add a hammock and table for snacks and drinks and enjoy your new favorite place. And leave your household chores out of site and out of mind.

Viance is proud to serve the wood preservation industry. We develop environmentally advanced preservatives to extend the life of wood and fire retardant formulations that are building code compliant for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. Formulations are used for decks, railings, fencing, structural framing, fire retardant applications, marine uses, and wood poles for the utility industry.

For residential decking projects, use Ecolife® treated wood for above ground installations that are six inches or more from the ground. Use Preserve® CA for ground contact installations six inches or less from the ground. Check the lumber end tags to ensure proper use.

If you have questions about treated wood, please contact us anytime.

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