July 7, 2010 | Deck design involves the basic concepts of creating functional space, activity zones, and adapting details and styles that adds interest to blend in with a particular residence. It requires practical approaches to allow for egress areas to provide travel paths that don’t interfere with space usage.

This process involves consultation with a customer and the gathering of physical and visual site information. It requires listening to preconceived ideas a customer may have combined with ideas of your own. It also requires that you understand how a customer will utilize the project and often involves diplomatic guidance on your part to direct the homeowner in a practical and efficient direction. It includes a mix of options that you’re comfortable delivering and ultimately choices that meet the customer’s needs and budget.

Following the mental concept of creating true extensions of the home by designing according to “determining factors” that exist should be a basic guideline for any project we undertake. This includes architectural styles, landscaping, existing yard features, and property angles that affect the overall footprint of a designed project.

Anytime you can design in features that create a “wow” factor or come up with better solutions than other contractors are offering, you increase your chances of contracting the project by separating yourself from the competition.

Designs, details, and preferred material options can vary with the different contractors and geographical regions across the country. What’s “in style” or demand in Georgia may be different from what deck builders in other parts of the country are offering and delivering.

I’m curious to hear what you, the contractor or vendors are seeing in your market areas. Are you a wood person or open to alternatives? What kinds of decking and railing options are in demand or do you prefer and believe in? What are the current and projected trends? What features do you often incorporate into a project? I believe it would be interesting to share our individual experiences.

Please post your comments, photos, and feed back for others to see and read.

Written by Bobby Parks of Peachtree Decks and Porches, LLC.

Posted courtesy of DeckExpo.