Documents and Resources to Specify D-Blaze Fire Retardant Treated Wood and Plywood
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Code Compliance

  1. 3- Part Spec
  2. FRTW ICC-ES ESR-2645 with California Supplement
  3. City of Los Angeles Research Report – RR24502
  4. BXUV V335 Fire Resistance Ratings ANSI/UL
  5. California State Fire Marshal – Building Materials Listing (BML) 2080-0101 Treated Lumber
  6. California State Fire Marshal – OFSM Building Materials Listing (BLM) 2080-0100 Plywood 
  7. NYC Code Acceptance
  8. CSA O80 Standards

UL Certifications

  1. D-Blaze UL BUGV.R10950 Treated Plywood
  2. D-Blaze UL BUGV Guide Info Treated Plywood
  3. D-Blaze UL BUGV.R10950 Treated Plywood – Canada
  4. D-Blaze UL BPVV7.R10647 Treated Lumber
  5. D-Blaze UL BPVV Guide Info Treated Lumber
  6. D-Blaze UL BPVV7.R10647 Treated Lumber – Canada
  7. D-Blaze UL BPVV7 Guide Info Treated Lumber – Canada
  8. D-Blaze UL GreenGuard GOLD Certification Test Report and Certificate
  9. D-Blaze UL GreenGuard Standard Certification

Technical Bulletins

  1. Contact with Concrete or Masonry Foundations
  2. NFPA 703-12 Edition
  3. USGBC LEED Credits Chart
  4. USGBC LEED Information for Wood Products
  5. Fire-Resistant Construction – 2015 IRC Section R302
  6. IBC Building Code Update
  7. FAQs
  8. Fasteners for Use with D-Blaze FRTW
  9. Handling Requirements
  10. Substitution of FRTW for Untreated Lumber and Plywood in Manufactured Wall Assemblies
  11. Finishing and Adhesives
  12. Construction Types – Definitions
  13. VOC Content and Red List Free Compliance

Fact Sheets

  1. D-Blaze Product Information
  2. D-Blaze Product Information – French
  3. D-Blaze Technical Specifications Brochure
  4. Commercial Construction Benefits Using D-Blaze

Free Online CE Course

  1. AIA Course VIA06C – Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW) for Commercial and Residential Structures


  1. D-Blaze 50-Year Limited Warranty
  2. D-Blaze 50-Year Limited Warranty – French


  1. SDS – D-Blaze Fire Retardant Treated Wood

Ressources En Francais

  1. D-Blaze Specifications Techniques
  2. D-Blaze Fiche Technique
  3. D-Blaze Bulletin technique: Foire aux questions : FAQ
  4. D-Blaze Bulletin technique: Exigences de manipulation
  5. D-Blaze Bulletin technique: Contact avec les fondations de beton ou de maconnerie
  6. D-Blaze Bulletin technique: Finition et adhesifs
  7. D-Blaze Bulletin technique: Fixations pour le bois ignifuge
  8. D-Blaze Garantie Limitee De 50 Ans

Website Page

  1. D-Blaze Fire Retardant Treated Wood Page
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