Matte black can bring a touch of style and sophistication to any home. For that reason, it’s a popular choice when it comes to interior decor. But why not extend that matte black pizzazz to your outdoor space as well? Whether you want to add interest to your deck with picture framing deck board, spruce up your spindles and railing or even get creative with lattice panels, here are five ways to add a wow factor to your deck with matte black features.

  1. Choose Picture Framing Deck Boards“Matte black is really versatile — it adds a contemporary edge to your outdoor area and goes well with any color scheme,” says a spokesman at FWD “Forward” Construction, an Alaskan deck-building firm. One of the most effective ways to add impact to your outdoor space is to frame your deck with a black picture frame border.It not only adds a crisp, tailored finish to your outdoor entertaining space, but it puts the focus right where you want it: on your gorgeous decking boards. Alternatively, get creative and use a black picture frame board as a breaker board to create unique inlays and patterns on your deck.

For a truly cohesive look when using a matte black border or breaker board, choose decking boards with touches of black in the grain, the FWD spokesman says. “A brown board with black streaks pairs well with black, such as Deckorators’ Khaya or Costa board, or gray boards with streaks of black, such as their Sierra and Tundra boards.”

Also consider the proportions of your picture frame border so that elements such as railings sit just right. “We like to pair the black rail with a black 7¼-inch border; that way the black rail sits centered on the black border,” the spokesman says.

What’s the best material to use if you want to ensure your deck will look great and perform well for years to come? “Wood-plastic composite decking has several advantages over traditional wood,” FWD’s spokesman says. “It is typically cheaper than cedar and often priced comparably to treated lumber.” It’s simpler to care for too: “It doesn’t require painting, staining or maintenance; it’s easier to clean and quicker to install. It usually has a solid warranty, and the color and finish you install will last decades,” the spokesman says.

  1. Jazz Up Your Railings and SpindlesWhile safety is the primary function of railings, balusters and spindles, choosing a sophisticated, modern color like matte black instantly makes them a showstopping feature as well. “You can’t beat a matte black aluminum rail— it’s timeless and won’t distract from the view,” the FWD spokesman says.

Another option is to upgrade your standard wooden balusters to contemporary balusters in matte black aluminum, which come in a range of shapes and styles, including curved and arc designs. Complete the look with matte black solar post caps, a stylish finishing touch that also gently illuminates your deck at night without the need for wiring or batteries.

  1. Go Bold With Outdoor Furniture and DecorThese days we expect our outdoor entertaining areas to be just as comfortable and inviting as our indoor spaces, with deep-seated upholstered sofas, stylish accessories and features for year-round comfort, such as heating and lighting. And it’s easy to see why — not only is it wonderful to dine and relax outdoors, but show the area a little decorative attention and you instantly gain a whole extra room.Bring a sense of sophistication to your deck with furniture and decor in matte black and charcoal. You’ll find a vast array of options at various price points on the market, making it easy to give your alfresco space the fashion-forward treatment. And you can even go the DIY route with some decor items, making them more budget-friendly.Seek out a stylish outdoor sofa grouping in robust wood or all-weather rattan with plump, charcoal cushioning that cries out for relaxing, and a coffee table or side table with wood tops and powder-coated black steel legs where guests can place a drink or an appetizer.

    Up the comfort factor with a black-and-white patterned rug underfoot and complement it with cozy throw pillows and blankets on the lounge furniture. Finish off by creating a smart, modern plant arrangement for the corner of the deck by upcycling a few old planters of different shapes and sizes with a couple of coats of specialist DIY paint in matte black.

    Tip: Whether inside or outside, when you’re introducing a lot of black in furniture and accessories, it’s important to balance that out with elements of lightness — think midtone wood decking boards or touches of white or cream in your soft furnishings.

  2. Make a Statement With Lattice PanelsA lattice panel can serve many purposes — for example, to create privacy from the neighbors, to conceal unsightly features such as a compost pile or air conditioner, or as a support for climbing plants. Choose a style in matte black (or one that can be painted black) and your lattice panel can double as a striking garden accent too.Pull out a paintbrush and give your raw wood lattice panels a couple of coats of matte black paint to make them blend in with your landscaping. Or use a chic, black-painted lattice panel as the backdrop to create a cozy yet sophisticated gazebo where you can enjoy a morning coffee or evening cocktails with friends. Once you’ve got the structure in place, all you need is a comfortable outdoor sofa or a small bistro table and a couple of chairs. Alternatively, use a black lattice panel to create a lush, vertical garden on your deck or balcony (ideal if you’re short on yard space!).
  3. Add Statement LightingIf you’re looking for chic and discreet deck lighting, nothing beats minimalist fixtures in matte black. Unlike stainless steel or white outdoor lighting, which will visually pop against brown and gray wood decking, matte black and charcoal fixtures blend into the background.Take your pick from step lights that discreetly light the path of your deck stairs, wall-mounted deck sconces to illuminate your walls and vertical surfaces, and tiny, low-voltage recessed lighting installed in deck stair risers. Just as you would indoors, add interest to your outdoor area (and boost safety) by layering lighting at different levels. Also consider adding solar-powered post caps to your railings or balustrades.Well-lit and beautifully styled — your outdoor area is ready for guests!

    Tip: When planning deck stair lights, make sure they don’t shine up toward your eyes. The light should cast downward, illuminating the way for you.

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