By Barry John Davis

Part4: How Green is Green?

Now one of the prime marketing aspects in current times is to say that a product has green credentials. To prove this there are a myriad of standards, tests, clubs, associations, and brands etc that one can use for promotion purposes, but at what point can an industry say it is actually “green”. This again beggars the question of “what are the real green credentials of the average deck”?

 It is almost impossible, well actually it is totally impossible to answer this question but can take a stab at it using Data and statistics that are available. Within the North American decking market let’s consider just how much wood was used in composite deck boards: In terms of WPC some 963,000 tons of wood was not taken from forests (but was excluded from landfill) which would amount on average of some 418,500 trees that were not harvested and processed. To help visualise this it would take freight train around 88 miles long to haul it all. 

Wood or pressure treated (PTL) represents around 773,600 tons or some 386,600 trees harvested in 2021. The equivalent train for PTL would then be some 70 miles long.

Composites then represent the equivalent of harvesting 55% of the wood required for the deck board market in 2021 but from waste….not from the forest.

That makes so many squirrels and birds very happy, and one or two CEO’s.

Source: See original article published HERE