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Open Letter to Membership and Industry

RE: Positive Change from the Grass Roots Level

Grass roots lobbying is the foundation of the American political system. Through these efforts lawmakers learn what the will of their constituency is. How they respond is the basis on which they are held accountable.

The NADRA Codes & Standards Committee's (CSC) aim is to be a master of grass roots lobbying – of motivating members and others to email, call, or write letters to their lawmakers stating positions on important issues. Grass Roots movements can exert a tremendous influence on local, state and national laws. When laws are passed, based on incorrect or flawed logic, it is the people who suffer. But, without opposition the laws go into effect all across North America.

It is the same with code development. Change proposals are submitted for the International Building Code, Residential Building Code, the National Fire Safety Code, and other model code bodies all the time. Some are good; some are bad. NADRA CSC strives to understand the needs of different areas of our industry, and to become sensitive to those needs by opening dialog. Each arm of the industry has individual needs, and each has the potential to unintentionally harm the other, if those needs are not shared and understood.

CSC's objectives are to influence decision makers for the benefit of our industry, to share needs and interests, and to identify key people in the code and legislative arenas.

Each of us is connected and has the potential to be effective, whether it be full blown involvement in code development or efforts at the grassroots level (a builder may live next door to a building inspector; a supplier may attend church with a city councilman, and the governor may want a deck built…). We each have the ability and responsibility to influence what happens in our industry.

NADRA’s Codes & Standards Committee could use your participation. Participation comes in many forms - local involvement (grassroots level), committee involvement, code body participation and meeting attendance, sponsorship of code related travel expenses, etc.

Help us to help you - Get involved now! Click here to request information.

Diana Hanson
Administrative Director, NADRA
Chairman, Codes & Standards Committee